Tips to Maintain your Canvas Painting | canvas printing dubai

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Those of you who have a framed canvas painting in your household, first of all congrats on your taste and secondly would be wondering on how to well-take care of this décor item? There are a lot of factors that needs to be addressed in this specific issue but today let us check out the most common problems faced:

Keep it Dry:

Ensure that the canvas painting is kept in a relatively low humid area. Avoid placing it near the bathroom and basements where the moisture content is tending towards the higher side. If the painting gets damped then there is a chance that print could get damaged.

Avoid Chemicals:

Now-a-days there exists all sorts of solvents and cleaners in the market, these liquids might get the job done but could permanently damage the print due to their increased chemical concentration level, so avoid such cleaning products and if possible get it cleaned only by an expert in this field.

Cleaning Process:

How does one actually clean the canvas painting? Try a soft cloth or feather duster. Dust and dirt might be the suspects to your uncleanliness problem and look no further than regular old dusters. If one is really careful you can use a slightly damp cloth to take care of cleaning needs.

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

The long term exposure of the canvas prints to direct sunlight could lead to the fading of colors in the print as the UV rays can have very adverse effects on the print. You might think that the sun’s rays reflecting off the canvas print would increase the overall appeal of the room, it might that’s true but it will be a very short lived appeal.


During times of interior decoration changes or while you are relocating or for some reason or other if the need arises for you to store your prized canvas print then take care to wrap it  in acid free craft paper which is easily available in at just about any craft store. The paper protects the print from yellowing.

I have seen many a frames in Dubai that perfectly reflect the beauty of the buyer’s household but the print being ruined in just a years’ time due to human negligence. Even the frames from ‘pickframes’ that are renowned for standing the test of time  do need to be brushed  from time to time to keep their immaculate state intact.