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If my memory serves me right I am pretty sure that all my friends have received at least one framed image of the two of us as a gift. This is because a framed image is one of the most classiest present one could gift and the frames in Dubai have a unique sense of togetherness to them. Framed images works on all functions – as a birthday gift, wedding present, anniversary giveaway and many more, as much as you can think of. Irrespective to whom you gift it to, a framed image is always welcomed with the warmest of feelings. Whether it is to a friend, family or a loved one; a framed image would still serve as the ideal gift. Today let us glimpse though why this gift is universally accepted.

Thoughtfulness: Very recently I had been gifted a frame by my friend whom I have known for nearly 20 years. He is usually a heavy spender and his average gifts include a couple of days at an exotic resort or an all-expense paid weekend at Bahrain so I was taken back at the gesture but the image revealed an old picture of us in our high school days holding a bottle like we would a trophy. That dirt filled image of the two of us was a long forgotten one but it brought back a plethora of memories of a carefree time. Such is the power of a framed image.

Symbolizing: Just as there exists a certain degree of feeling to the buyer a certain amount of responsibility is also shared by the receiver. Depending on where you chose to place the image speaks volumes of how much that person means to you. Just think about it, is that person just like any other valuable showpiece item or do they stand above the showcase as a center piece of the room.

Easy: It might sound very hypocrite of me to talk about how easy it is to gift a framed image right after preaching about the thought that goes behind a framed an image but I would be lying to you if I said that framing an image would be a hard task because in fact it isn’t. Selecting the image and getting it framed is a very simple and easy process especially if you chose trusted websites such as ‘pickframes’ for your needs in which case you have nothing to worry about.