Three Areas of the House that is hard to Stylize | Frames in Dubai

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I often get e-mails with image attachments on certain location in a household and the query that everyone wants answered is how to style this area. Over the years I have shortlisted three areas which comes up on a repeated manner and those who were polite enough to revert with the feedback has always been positive with regards to the suggestion I gave them. So today let us discuss these three areas and their tried and tested positive results.

Blank Hallway Walls: Sometimes you walk past your narrow corridor and at the end of this tunnel you find yourself staring at a rather blank wall and even though you must have seen this wall countless times you ask yourself can’t you style this up somehow and the answer to that thought is ‘YES’ you can. A very elegant solution to this is by using a picture collage all the way from the ground to ceiling. Basically fill that wall with a collage of nine or twelve frames. I am sure you may have your doubts regarding the size of this structure but do not be alarmed, it gets the job done and pretty well too.

Bathroom Walls: Even though people have asked me how to style the inner walls of their bathroom a million times over I am still flabbergasted at this question but in my opinion the only way you can better your bathroom walls is by the introduction of a framed quote. Doesn’t have to be motivational or inspiring, a simple vibrant quote with a striking frame usually does the trick. Ensure that the frame and the context have been well fortified to protect them from dampness.

Staircase Walls: I am pretty sure many of you have the answer to this issue and its quite simple - small framed images, preferably of the family and yes pets are family also. A cluster of these frames with different size preferably in the smaller section arranged from the first step to the last gives a very warm and cozy feel to the room. The other important aspect is that the staircases are often placed to be visible when you enter the house and therefore these frames would be the first thing that catches the eyes of the guests. Another fascinating feature that I have come to notice is that the frames in Dubai are especially good for such small images.